Kimberly G.
Reviewed Mar. 31, 2021

All the amenities but little to do

Caddo Lake State Park looked amazing in pictures—shaggy, mossy trees in the bayou ecosystem, spring greenery, shady campgrounds—so my two friends and I booked it. It’s actually a very nice state park. The bathrooms are immaculate and have soap and TP, the campgrounds have water and electricity for cheap, and they have pre cut firewood you can pay for by donation. They had so many amenities compared to other campgrounds I’ve been to. However, I am more accustomed to having several miles of hiking trails. We hiked every single trail in 2.5 hours. The next day we were looking forward to canoe rentals, but unfortunately the park isn’t doing that during COVID. The park staff by the way is very friendly and helpful. They have several cute and kid friendly maps. The ranger at the desk also gave us the phone number of a boat dock in town, but by the time we got there all the boats were taken. I feel a bit guilty for the lower rating here, but we were pretty bored the second day then got rained out and left early instead of staying a second night. Our campground in Armadillo run was too swampy and our gear got muddy. Wish we’d had our own kayaks to bring!

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