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Reviewed Mar. 28, 2021


This isn’t actually a camp ground any more however it’s now a seasonal day use area. Now summertime they may allow this as camping as an overflow but don’t bet on it, have other plans such as dispersed at a blue tree or Mack’s canyon. This place is right at the roundabout to the right, if you keep going you will get to McWilliams campground which is pretty much the only campground open year-round on this side of the mountain. It’s the end of March and the picnic ground are still not open and there is still snow on the ground. I’ve included pictures of today and pictures of us having picnics other times. This is our favorite place to enjoy a day of rest and family. The weather is always good and it’s always clean. The bathrooms are mixed between vault and flush but overall super nice and well kept. When it does get busy the rangers open more and more of the picnic ground so it’s very unlikely you won’t find a spot. Bring a hammock and relax for the day.

Here are my star ratings based on my lifestyle and what I like. I'm also a mother, dog mama, and a wife so it's not just me it's my crew and i. 1 star- AUTOMATIC relocate… the property is no longer there, trashed or/and I could never have my children there and I wouldn't ever think about staying no matter what. 2 star- Not really my jam, and would NEVER go to again… It probably more of desert life and not really my style for sure…Being from Vegas I can't stand being in the desert and I love the Trees and the Green more than anything. 3 star- Would stay there again in a pinch, but not really my style, the reason its not is because not enough family things to do, the scenery, or the location… but I would go again and feel safe having my kiddos here but only if I needed to in a pinch. 4 star- a really good rating for sure, maybe needed some improvements, minor things like being on top of each other, not a lot of privacy, but honestly little cosmetic things that aren't anything to sweat and would be back again for sure. 5 star- MY FAVORITE… love the location, safety, the surroundings, big camp spots available to fit toys for my kids to play, hammocks to hang, our big family tent, cases of firewood, our suburban or RV, etcccccc….. I would not only come back but would live if I could!!! Anyway thanks for reading and enjoy every moment like it's your last! CHEERS!

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