Emma A.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Mar. 26, 2021

Nice Hot Springs in the desert but rudicoloualy overpriced hi

We made the mistake of choosing the Alvord Hot Springs resort for camping by the Alvord Desert. The place is basically a giant gravel parking lot with a few picnic benches and fire pits strewn on the sides. There is a single very dirty bathroom right next to the general store and no other services at all. The people at the store were friendly (but no one was wearing masks in COVID time). But the real issue is that the prices they charge are truly ridiculous for what is offered. The whole place revolves around the hot springs which are nice and have very hot natural spring water collected into two cement pools. It was very crowded and we had to go back to find a time there was less busy. With camping fee $40 for two adults and 30 for any additional adult, campers have unlimited access to the hot springs (which is $20 per soak if you are not camping there). They also charge $10 to give you access to the Alvord Desert floor. But there is few access road just a few miles south of the resort. Marginal cell phone reception on AT&T. Full menu of charges in the photo attached. Unless you are really into the hot springs, do yourself a favor and save yourself some cash and find unlimited dispersed camping just a couple of miles south of the resort.

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