Christine E.
Reviewed Mar. 5, 2021

Rudest management and worst customer service I've ever experienced

Rudest management and worst customer service I've ever experienced. Would give 0 stars but that's not an option. In January we booked a cabin for our family for 5 nights at the end of July. We were then contacted this week(2 months later) saying they've decided to do a construction project and can no longer offer the cabin we booked. They asked if they could move me to a tent site since they had no other cabins available. I advised we don't have a tent, that's why we booked a cabin. They then told me that they had a cabin but it was only available for 2 of the 5 nights we had booked and asked if I wanted that. The other"great" option was they could just cancel all together(with full refund, as if that was them doing me a favor) and we could find somewhere else. Well, at this point I've lost 2 months and the majority of places are fully booked due to a large baseball tournament happening this same week. So, I agreed to take the 2 night so that I could at least have something while I looked for another place. I was then informed that the cabin they were moving us to was$100 more per night and they could not adjust the price(even though this was completely their doing). When I asked to speak with a manager I then had the great pleasure of speaking with General Manager Bob Junker. Bob began to get very rude when I asked if there was anything they could do due to the incredible inconvenience they caused us. He acted as if this was a bigger inconvenience to him than us and initially threatened to cancel even the 2 nights in the more expensive cabin they moved us to. He proceeded to tell me that they can get full price for the"premium cabin" they were moving me to and had no reason to give it to me for our original cabin's price. At this point in the conversation I asked to speak with his boss to which he said"No" and stated he can make whatever decisions he wants and ended the conversation. You'd think that would be the end but the story gets better! After attempting to contact the owners of the campground to lodge a complaint I received a call the next day from good ole Bob saying they were just going to cancel my reservation all together and hung up. I guess my call to the owning companies office made its way back to him‍ Thanks Bob for the incredibly horrendous customer service! Really well done! I hope you're proud of yourself for ruining our trip and making that extra couple hundred bucks! Here's to hoping you're not actually the owner and they eventually decide to get rid of you for causing their sales to decline by losing customers.

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