Reviewed Mar. 4, 2021

Hard to beat free

This campground being only about 25 miles from home has been one we’ve used several times over the years. It has seen increasing use the last few years and does seem to attract a wide range of people, including some regulars whose rigs more or less stay all summer. Free boondocking places east of the Mississippi are rarer than out west, and this is a good one, for a place with multiple campers. 

It should be noted that the warning about water moccasins posted previously is inaccurate as there are no water moccasins in this part of Virginia. There are eastern timber rattlers and copperheads as our only venomous snakes, as well as several non-venomous water snakes that are often mistaken for both moccasins and copperheads, along with the usual ticks, yellow jackets, wasps, and bears among the fauna one might encounter in a relatively wild place. All of which simply say PAY ATTENTION when you are out in the woods.

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