Susan M.
Reviewed Feb. 22, 2021

It's Not a Great Day at This KOA

Moved here in November with the intentions of staying long term. Which we told to 2 different employees. One when we made the reservation and another one just days before our arrival when she called to ask us how long we would be staying. The manager didn't ask my husband how long we would be staying at check-in. In January we were told the rate for our cramped site was going up to$850 a month. And in 2 months we would have to pay the daily rate which comes to$1350. I was told by the manager that they needed the sites for traveling nurses who are essential workers. Didn't matter that my husband is a truck driver and also an essential worker during this pandemic. We would not moved here if we had been given the correct information. But I am pretty sure that we weren't told that it wasn't a long term campground because they had a lot of empty spots in November. I think they neglected to tell us so they could fill a spot and make money. Or else all of the staff is incompetent. If you plan on staying be aware that they charge 17 cents kwh for site 29. According to the helpful woman at Duke Energy, the site next to us was paying just over 9 cents a kwh. Our site and some of the others weren't showing up on their list. Internet was mostly good. Water pressure was horrible in the mornings when there were a lot of people there. The noise from the interstate is constant and loud. The dryers are kind of ineffective. Site was uneven, muddy and the RV next door was angled very close to ours. RV vehicle across the road nearly hit ours every time he backed out. The manager was snippy and rude sometimes when you go to get the mail. One day you can come in and get it and then next day you are reprimanded for opening the door. Which has a sign that says to come on in. Best to find somewhere else to stay. Unless tight quarters, rudeness and noise are your thing.


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