Alistar B.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Feb. 22, 2021

Tent Camping Opinion

Though the overall RV Camp is well organized, secure, and offers all the amenities (laundry, hookups, water, showers, and even an entry code), the tent camping is not ideal for me. Just my personal opinion, but I prefer tent camping in a quiet and dark area. But there are two towering lights on all night. Also you are near a freeway that goes and goes. The separation between tent sites is pretty ambiguous too. One table and one huge group fire pit and two BBQ for all tent campers. There is a woodsy trail running past the official tent area which has people coming and going giving the tent site the feel of being in the middle of a trail.

If it were me, I'd separate the tent site from the trail to reduce traffic. and also expand the tent site to include some if the nice looking, secluded little spaces past just the one stretch for tents only. I'd make those lights motion detecting instead of on all night. I'd set up several separate, private spots for each tent with its own table, fire pit.

But if you just need a cheap place to sleep and don't care about all that other stuff, then by all means.

Again, I am not criticizing this place. Just my personal opinion.

Again, this is a great spot because of the security and amenities but it's first and foremost an RV Park. The tent camping is an afterthought.

The place even has WiFi!

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