Kathi F.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Feb. 20, 2021

Backcountry bliss

We try to go to this cabin every year. We start at the West bridger cabin or the trail head. There is a really good four wheeler trail from the trailhead to the cabin. if you go with horses you need to be aware that there are motorized vehicles and hikers and I have occasionally seen llamas. The countryside is beautiful; there are a few stream Crossings, so there's water for the horses along the way. it's about a two and a half hour ride from the trailhead to the cabin. The cabin is set in a little clearing next to the creek. there's a Corral for horses with the creek running through it. there's also an area outside the Corral that you can graze your horses around the cabin. There's not enough grass to sustain anything and the forest service requires weed, seed free feed. This is a beautiful Serene place to stay for those Backcountry enthusiasts

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