Shari  G.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jan. 31, 2021

Gorgeous CCC Cabins & Nice Campground

The remarkable area of this park lies not in it's campground loop. The loop is pretty, lovely even, and it looks like a lot of other campgrounds on a beautiful lake. But take a walk along the lakeshore trail and see the cabins, dance hall, and steps constructed by the CCC and you'll be transported back in time. In 8.5 years on the road, I've never been more tempted to go inside than by these simple, lovely, stone structures.  Just a bed, small kitchen, table, and a bathroom complete with vintage rustic decor, and that's all you'll think you ever need.  So adorable!

But this is a campground review so let's get back to it. The campground seems like the perfect bustling summertime holiday vacation spot. It's set up more like a city park with lots of open space and grass, than individual sites carved out of the woods. Walking around during winter, you can imagine the families gathering at the water, renting stand-up paddle boards, playing volleyball, or chasing a frisbee into the water. It has a reputation for being a place where families gather year after year, and I can see why. There are electrical/water sites as well as tent only sites right by the water, which really have the best location in the park. The bathroom is a little dated, but functional and clean with hot showers. 

Brownwood is within a 20 minute drive and has all the services of a modern suburban city. There are several trails throughout the park, but getting out on the water seems to be the focus of this park.

  • Rainy morning at the lake.
  • Lots of spots available in January mid-week.
  • Wish the weather had been better, but this place is probably an oasis in the summertime!
  • Older bathrooms, but clean and functional.
  • Lovely shade trees over the picnic areas.
  • The CCC cabins are the reason to come to this park!  So cool.
  • The side yard of the CCC cabins, with a view of the water.

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