Reviewed Jan. 28, 2021

Pet Friendly with Hiking Trails. Dark Skies and Quiet.

We wanted to get away for a few days during Covid and wanted to stay south where it was warmer so we found Rusty's RV Ranch in Rodeo New Mexico. It was quiet and friendly and just what we were looking for. While visiting we went exploring and visited the Chiricahua Desert Museum & the Apache Museum next door. Enjoyed all of the displays and history as Geronimo surrendered nearby.

We took a ride over to the Coronado National Forest and coming from the wide-open desert we felt like we had stepped into another world. Definitely worth the trip. We tried to drive the loop around the area on the first day but the directions weren't very good and we didn't go all the way. We went back the next day and went the other direction and went through the little town of Paradise. It was a long bumpy gravel road this way and really wasn't worth the trip....enjoyed the paved road in the National Forest much more. 

We needed some supplies so we drove down to Douglas AZ at the Mexico border. Visited Walmart and got some tacos that were excellent. Not much between Rusty's and Douglas but was a good drive with little to no traffic. Did see a number of Border Control agents on patrol.

Rusty's RV Ranch was very clean and well maintained. You could tell that they have made a concerted effort to make the grounds nice from the Swan & Duck pond to the bird enclosures and Koi pond. Loved the hiking trails that went around the entire property and we used those a number of times.

The space was huge and very private. We didn't have to unhook our toad vehicle until we needed the car which was really nice. The management was very friendly and helpful. 

We have t-mobile and I will tell you we had no service here. We hooked up to their park wi-fi but could barely check our email. We don't have satellite either so we were totally disconnected mostly.... but that was good too for a change. Fall and Winter are the busiest times here with people looking for warmer winters and avoiding the hot summers.

There are a couple of restaurants nearby and the closest has a convenience store but that is it... so be sure that you are stocked up on supplies before you go or expect to drive to get them. If you bring your pet be sure to have some flashlights to walk them at night because it is dark dark 😀

We would definitely visit Rusty's again! 

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  • Nice large sites and long enough to keep toad attached.
  • Cute Road Signs.... Hot Tub in the background
  • Swan at the Pond
  • Nice Trees and grounds
  • Lots of Amateur Astronomers had their telescopes setup.
  • Clubhouse and Laundry
  • We loved their walking trails. Very Pet Friendly.
  • Laundry
  • Clubhouse kitchen
  • Statue at the Bird display
  • We visited the Apache and Chiricahua Desert Museums just a few miles down the road.
  • Inside the Chiricahua Desert Museum
  • We visited the Coronado National Forest just west of Rusty's in Arizona.
  • A drive in the Coronado National Forest
  • Signs for Coronado National Forest
  • A Gallery in Rodeo New Mexico
  • A short video of Rusty's

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