ShaneB The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jan. 3, 2021

Home sweet home....

The Rolling Plains has been home to my family for a long long time and it’s always wonderful to be back. Copper Breaks is a beautiful, wild place perfectly managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. A light touch all around with simple, compact campgrounds to keep a small footprint on the terrain. This is a place where campsites are best used to live out of... not in.

TPW has done a great job keeping light to a minimum. If you don’t like the dark or need a bunch of exterior lights on your camper, please choose another site. There are no street lamps, no canopy lights and thankfully most campers respect the dark here and keep the blinds pulled and exterior lights off. Still... bring your red flashlights and take a hike to see the best views.

The trails are great day or night. Winter or summer. Use your feet, horse or your MTB to explore the backcountry and there is even primitive camping on some of the trials. Beware of snakes and although they are very rare, I would keep your little ones in sight as cats are very very occasionally seen in the Rolling Plains.

The little museum is great and I don’t just say that because my great grandfather’s photo hangs there.

The tent sites are decently spaced and occupy the low areas to serve as wind blocks. The Comanche RV site sits up on a ridge with a greater than 180 degree view of the night sky.

This brings us to why you should really be here. Though the trails are beautiful and the terrain rough and untamed... it’s the skies that draw people here. With the Comanche Springs observatory just around the corner and the dark sky designation... the views here in the after hours are simply astounding. Stars, planets, satellites and shooting stars galore. Set your calendar for the next new moon and head out west for a show you won’t forget.

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