Dennis P.
Reviewed Dec. 25, 2020

Beautiful boondocking.

No facilities (it's boondocking) but beautiful! We camped upstream of the lake in a shallow valley with a dirt road leading to the site/area. We could walk to the lake and across the dam to explore the creek behind it. I slipped in the creek and dislocated my little finger on our second day, so that ended the trip for me. Had to drive to Reserve for medical help.

The area is open grassland with ponderosa pines scattered around in clumps. As you hike into the Wilderness Area (the first one designated as such) the forest gets thicker. Snow Lake is well-known for trout fishing, and people know this. We were there on Memorial Day and it was a bit crowded with fishermen.

There is an established campground there also (Dipping Vat) if you want a picnic table and grill, but we were all equipped for boondocking. High altitude means cold nights, so come prepared with all amenities self-contained, and all contingencies anticipated. (Like my dislocation!)

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