Chelsea C.
Reviewed Dec. 21, 2020

Quirky and active riverside RV community

SRRR is a 40 acre park with country-clever DIY vibes and unusual artifacts including a handmade automated bowling alley in an abandoned chicken coop with mechanical levers that return balls and reset pins, weekly events ranging from chicken shit bingo to pigeon racing, a dog park, and a cozy spring-side divey lodge-like restaurant. Despite its name, convict spring is a beautiful clear fresh water spring, best appreciated in winter when no kids are kicking up dirt in it. I have tent-camped in a lovely prim spot beside the river and also RV camped with my Skoolie here. I adore the beauty of the location, spring-side on the broad Suwannee River, but had to subtract one star for the horrendously bad and unwelcoming (verging on foreboding) service at the cafe, and disappointment that the hot tub was closed both times we visited. Will def return to this spot.

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