Christopher W.
Reviewed Nov. 30, 2020

Absolutely fantastic

If you are from Texas, then you already know the legend that is Prude Ranch. I'm not sure when they added RV spots to the Ranch but you can't imagine how excited I was to find out they had. There are about two dozen spots with full hookup 30/50 in two separate camps (upper and lower). The lower camp sites in a pecan field at the entrance to the ranch while the upper camp sites sit smack dab in the middle of the cabins and stables. This isn't your average RV park. Prude Ranch is known statewide for its summer camp which sees hundreds of kids over 4 to 8 weeks in the summer. The rest of the year, Prude is a working horse ranch and there is plenty to do. My son and I took two, two-hour trail rides with our Wrangler Andy who was a wealth of information. There are a couple other RV parks in the area but honestly, if you dont day here you're really missing out. We camped at the lower site which took a little bit of leveling (6" in the front and 2" passenger). The deer come in at night and you can sit and watch them wander. Town is only 5 miles down the road with grocery open til 8pm and a family dollar for those items you didnt realize you forgot until you got here. If you come, you must ride the trails, its an amazing experience.

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