Ashley B.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Oct. 28, 2020

Campground/Eco Resort Next to Hot Springs

This is for the camping portion of the campground, I did not stay or see the inside of the various cabins available.  The camping area is just a large open field area where people can park/camp where they would like.  This would work well if you  had a large group and several RVs wanting to be next to each other.  There are also no tables, which camping in your car during the winter not having a table to put my stove on made it a little bit more difficult to heat up water/food.  If I remember correctly I didn't really pay anything to camp, mainly just to access the pools.  The main pool area was a large pool like area with a barn like covering.  This pool was not hot at all and the amount of children splashing and playing did not make it very relaxing.  The pools outside were a bit more quite and a bit warmer but filled up fast and only comfortably held maybe 20 people and wasn't scolding hot if you like that sort of hot springs.  Also the changing rooms had no glass window panes in them so the large "window" let in all the wind.  Which I was there during a high wind storm with freezing temps.  This means it was miserable changing into/out of my wet bathing suit.  The owners were nice and the view was also pleasant, but I would maybe travel to another hot springs before going back.

  • View of main pool area from camping area

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