Campground Recon C.
Reviewed Oct. 6, 2020

Hiking, Fly Fishing, and Camping

Campsites were a bit overgrown and 3 sites were closed due to downed trees.  The trailhead for the South Fork Trail #1827 and Spring Cave Trail #1834 are at the back of the campground.  

Spring Cave is open from mid-April to mid-August and requires a permit from the forest service. In addition, decontamination rules must be followed to protect the bats. Check the forest service website for full details.

The South Fork Trail follows the South Fork of the White River for 16 miles. Nearly all of the South Fork Trail is in the Flat Tops Wilderness.


First Come - First Served

No Potable Water

  • The South Fork of the White River as seen from the footbridge leading to Spring Cave.

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