Reviewed Oct. 4, 2020

Good overall - easy to moderate hike

Overall, there was some good views and inside the canyons was pretty cool. We hiked in on Friday and stayed at campsite 4. You hike down from the visitor center and turn right at the creek bed and hike along that. It will be muddy and about an inch of water in some places, so were some waterproof shoes. We saw one snake in the creek bed(not sure what kind, but wasn’t a copperhead) but that was it. The trail was well marked and easy to follow. After you follow along the creek bed there’s a small wooden bridge on the left followed by a steep incline. At the top is campsite 6 which has a wooden shelter and is probably the least private. Campsite 5 is down a short path off the trail(maybe 25 yards). Campsite 4 is on the left side of the trail and pushed about 10-15 feet off the trail. Campsite 3 is on the right and also about 15 feet off the trail. Campsite 1& 2 are down the trail on the right, but we took the left path to the white blaze trail so we didn’t see them. Campsite 5 is the most secluded. The campsites are spread far enough out that there’s plenty of firewood laying around. Looked like all the campsites had a grill over the fire pit. We brought our sawyer, but there weren’t any water sources nearby. Saturday the high was 74 and a beautiful day. 

We started seeing hikers passing our campsite around 8am. We hiked on the backcountry trail to the white blaze trail and took a right where there’s some old abandoned cars. From here to the visitor center there are a few really good lookout points to the canyons. We stopped by the bathrooms by the playground which were super clean and there’s also water fountains to fill up at. We went down into the canyons which are also muddy and had about an inch of water. The canyons we’re pretty packed with tourists so we only did a couple(I think 1& 3). We got back to the campsite around 1 and probably saw a group of hikers every 10- 15 minutes until the about 5pm. I saw some wild boar from a long distance, but other than that we didn’t see anything else. 

Overall, it was a good hike and camp with some cool views, but once is enough and we probably won’t do it again.

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