Tim J.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Sep. 27, 2020

Pleasant Surprise

We looked at this campground in early August, but I wasn’t too sure about the elevation. I booked our site #6 in Ridge Camp. From the time we arrived and filled up the fresh water tank at the ultra-cool 4 lane dump station, I knew we were in for a great weekend. The signage was very well marked and the fresh water spigot was more like a little tank, super-solid, clean and modern. We pulled into Ridge Camp (RCAM on and drove a little bit down a hill to our site. One backup attempt into the site and (according to our LevelMatePRO app) it was perfectly level...that was definitely a first for us. We set our chocks and started our setup. The picnic table had a new seat on one side and was in great shape. Our pad was limestone and very flat and level, so setting out our rugs was easy and comfortable underneath our feet. The campfire ring was in great shape with a fully functioning adjustable grill plate....we even had a lantern pole. Looking at some of our neighbor’s sites, depending on where the camper site was located, some had their picnic table and fire ring either above or below them. Definitely worth looking at the pictures. Our site in Ridge, along with most others from #6-24 were very well shaded. One thing to note is Ridge is on an incline with a loop at the end. Perfect for turning around to head out. With the slope, however be aware of the kids and adults riding around on bicycles and skateboards. With the many bike trails in Seven Points, there were a lot of adult mountain bike riders.

We took a drive around through the other six campgrounds and decided Point was our favorite, but obviously crowded because it is right on the lake. Senoia camp was (our) tied with Ridge, but only the lower portion. Once you go up the hill to sites above #231, it gets very steep and far away from the water. Probably not too safe for kids on bikes, although the only playground appeared to be at the top of the hill..again, probably too steep for kids. We drove through Meadow Camp (MCAM) but it was too open for us with not many trees for shade. Bay camp (BCAM) was a bit nicer than Meadow with ample trees, but it wasn’t close to anything except for one portion that had access to the lake/bay below. Finally, Valley Camp (VCAM) was a single in/out with a loop around the playground, but the sites appeared too small for our 28’ TT.

We liked this campground so much that I tried booking (and cancelling our reservation at Red Bridge in Kane, PA) for our last seasonal weekend in October, but there was nothing in Ridge or Point. Later that day, I received an email from that our Oct 23 booking at Red Bridge was going to be refunded because Red Bridge was under construction. I quickly opened the website and a site across and up the hill a few sites from where we stayed was suddenly available, so I booked it. Another item worth noting is Ridge has a laundromat at only 25¢/load. Also, the restroom at Ridge has 4 shower stalls which were very clean with hot water at a great water pressure. On our way out, we visited the dump station again and got in one of the 4 lanes with no wait. The dump station, as noted above had wide lanes and made the experience an easy and clean one. We can’t wait to go back to Ridge again next month. I took pictures of our site #6 plus several other sites in Seven Points. Each site is sequentially numbered, depending on which of the seven campgrounds - reference the map for the actual locations.

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