Joey Z.
Reviewed Sep. 21, 2020

Pretty, Free, but a dirty lake

I went for an overnight camping getaway. The campsite was fairly clean, had to pickup a few wrappers. I was excited to get a spot overlooking the water, with a table and fire pit. Not a really good spot for a tent, but I was able to find a soft spot off to the side. From up on the hill looking down on the lake, it looked quite clear. I was excited to grab my canoe and jump in.

I carried my boat to the waters edge. As I was going to put my canoe into the water, I noticed some really nasty stuff in the water. It looked like human poop. I was kinda stunned, and then I noticed a lot of flies all around that particular area. So given that I decided I was not going to be canoeing or fishing.

I get it, it’s free. But I just wish people would NOT empty their RVs into the lake. Kinda ruined a good thing. Aside from that, the area was very pretty.

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