Natalie G.
Reviewed Sep. 13, 2020

They Kicked Us Out!

We were KICKED OUT! Read full story below: We knew we were in trouble as we drove through the grounds. For lack of a better word, this place was a dump, & we were searching for the silver lining, but it did not come. Our “long term site” was bordering the Frontage Rd. of hectic I-75, & so loud I couldn’t even think. It was separated from the busy road by a mere 2-ft-tall guardrail. Unlevel site with potholes, & a neighbor with 4 vehicles allowed on their site. When I initially asked to change sites, the “escort” said “Nothing else. You can stay here, or get a refund.” So rude! (And they NEVER had any intention of refunding us.) This site was no place for a child to live, so I went to negotiate at office. Noise & safety were a huge concern! They agreed to switch us to a “better nightly rate site.” Our rate went from $530/mo. up to $1200/mo., but we were paying more for our child’s wellbeing, as we were now in a bind. This was great for them, as they more than doubled their earnings off of us for the next 1-3 months. New site was better, but by no means a great place for our child to live. It had dilapidated campers everywhere, residents not held to any standard of care of their sites, unlevel site with drop-off, broken playground equipment wrapped in caution tape, dirty/outdated restrooms, multiple (2-4) vehicles parked at most sites, rundown facilities & “amenities,” & safety was a clear issue. The “pond” was essentially a huge ditch filled with water. There was nearly a dog fight between residents. During setup, I received a call from the office that “unfortunately” they had decided to charge us for both the monthly site AND the nightly site. It seemed very unkind, dishonest, unscrupulous, & greedy! In the office, they told me they wanted to charge us $293 for all the days since we made a reservation on 8/25/20, even though they knew we would not be arriving & checking-in until 9/10/20... a “holding fee.” All that on top of the $1200 we were about to pay for the next month. We said NO, & instead committed to only 2 nights, & unhappily agreed to pay the “holding fee.” This should have totaled $380. Next thing I know, the manager hands me a receipt for $829! THE LAST STRAW! She now wanted us to pay for all “the nights held” at the nightly rate instead of monthly, a $300 markup! I protested! If they wanted to charge us for “holding a spot,” then fine, charge us the $293 plus 2 additional nights = $380, which was what we agreed to initially, until she began changing her tune. At that point in the heated conversation, the manager said she was terminating our stay, but would still be charging us $530 (for nothing). We were there for a total of 2.25 hrs, & never fully set up at either site. She kicked us out with TODDLER in tow at 8:30 PM. HEARTLESS! In all honesty, this place is a “glorified trailer park,” & so dumpy. It’s right off the interstate, so safety, peace, & quiet are not an option. The residents there did not inspire peace of mind either. ThE FORSYTH KOA has a poor moral compass & atrocious business practices! Will be reporting to BBB. Please, don’t stay here!

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