Reviewed Aug. 26, 2020

Loud trains and spotty wifi

If you like the sound of train horns ALL night long, and very spotty wifi.. (routers keep having to be rebooted!) ... This might be a good place for you.

Be sure to try air your gieviences with Cathy in the office... She'll let you know exactly what a good network setup should be.
Acted like she was a certified network engineer from the way she was trying to explain that too many people streaming at 8am in the morning must be the reason the one router I can connect to from the back of the park keeps losing internet connection (not goes down, because you can still connect to the router... Just can't get internet through it!)

If it were not for the nice dog park and clean bathrooms, this would have gotten no stars if possible.

I stay at KOAs almost every week... (full timer)... Never again here (and I've stayed at KOAs in some dodgy areas!)

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