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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2020

Mystery is solved (Park & Pack Campsite 4) Mohican Memorial Forest

First off this campsite was the hardest for us to find but it is the easiest to get to in terms of walking.  How does this happen?  We took the main trail head at the bridle parking lot but this isn't where you should go. The main trail head gets you to sites 1- 3.

You need to be in the same area but instead look over by the pavilion you will see the trail campsite marker for #4 campsite marked.  You will never ever find it on the loop. The map is misleading. We naturally did the whole red loop looking for it and never did find it. 

So once again go to the pavilion and look over by the firewood shed. You will see the trail to campsite number 4. 

This is the easiest and safest to get to if you have any issues with mobility. It is almost a rails and trails walk into this campsite. I have a friend with mobility challenges and can walk on wide open trails. It is gravel but this site and number 10 is what I would pick for her. 10 does have a slight up and in that could be a challenge but it is largely flat. 

It is close to the trail but we only saw two ladies pass us by when we were camping here. We did arrive to the campsite late as we did a loop that we didn't need to hike as we were looking for this in the wrong part of the bridle section. 

Cell phone coverage with Verizon was very limited out here. Download your maps before you go. No near by water source for this campsite. 

I will come back to add "captions" to my videos in the picture description boxes down below.

  • Firewood for the cool fire ring by the pavilion.
  • Finally, we find a separate trail  head for camp site 4.
  • Free firewood by the shelter for the horse folks.
  • Someone left their shoes by accident.  This is the only oops we saw at the campsites here. It was a nice trash free experience.
  • Trail signs are clear but not always their meanings. Do download maps before hand.
  • We will still need to explore this trail. I suspect this is one way to connect to the whole loop that we did looking for site 4. We did find site 1, 2, and 3. We never did find 4 on the loop. Not until we completed the whole loop and decided to look else where in the bridle parking lot.
  • Great meet up spot with a bit of shelter as you wait for friends to begin the trail with you.
  • Beautiful sunset through the trees.
  • They always do a great job with the common areas in these park and pack sites.
  • As always fires in the official fire rings. If you look at campsite 3 review you will see the fire bans during certain parts of the year.
  • Awesome trees to hammock in and no need to set up a tent at this site.
  • We missed this sign two different times. I suspect a car was blocking it. However, it is odd that you don't see a single sign till you are almost out of the parking lot. It feels like an overflow lot but this is the lot for Park and Pack. So don't park where the horses are and their trailers etc.
SiteCampsite 4

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