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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2020

Best Way the See the Bay!

Load your backpack, get on a ferry in Tiburon and head to Angel Island.

Campsites are walk in throughout the island.  Remember there will be fog and there will be wind.

We try to get what they call the "group" kayak site.  There is ample room here and there is direct access to the water.  It is on Racoon Straits side of the Island. Some of the sites throughout the island do not have the water access - but those higher up have better views.

You can hike throughout the island to with great bay views and bridge views on all sides.  Then there is the history there from the Civil War sites to the immigration sites  - so there is much to see and do beyoond hiking.  Great sunrise and sunsets depending on your site choice.

  • Golden gate
  • Alcatraz
  • Civil War Site

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