Reviewed Jul. 31, 2020

One of the most amazing natural works of art

I can’t even describe how beautiful this place is. The trails... awesome the gorge trail is very wide wide enough you could drive on so easy for young and old no real climbing the north ridge trail and the south ridge trail however include stairs and are longer more intensive hikes. Amazing place for families because there are so many things that kids can do besides hike or lounge at the campsite. The lake has a beachfront where they can swim, kayak, paddle board, fish, boat, and so much more. Walking along the bottom of a dry limestone flat is the most invigorating thing. At the end of the gorge trail you’ll see not only an area with clear water to swim in but feeding this natural pool is a 215 foot waterfall!! Big birds (I thought they were falcons or osprey) swing over your head hundreds of feet in the air and sit at the top of the waterfall. If you believe in a god you will just be inspired by what He can create and if you don’t you will still be amazed at how this amazing place was carved out thousands of years ago by big sheets of glacier. The sheer beauty of seeing 400 foot vertical strips of rock wall is just amazing. The finger lakes region is amazing. I love NY and I love the NY state parks. I am lucky enough to live nearby in Buffalo and it’s always worth the drive. I’ve even just gone for day trips. Also the city of Ithaca is 15 minutes down the road and you can find other amazing places to go like buttermilk falls and local places to eat. My personal favorite was a small restaurant in the heart of town called Luna inspired Street food. Amazing! Lots of choices for anyone in the family. I should also mention though that the campsites here on the top look are a little cramped and the bottom loop is a little better you might not get the privacy you want on the top loop of campsites however, the bottom loop is closer to the NY 89 route so you might hear trucks in the night. Don’t have too many picture unfortunately my phone always dies and there’s no point for me to charge it out there with no service. If you have T mobile or most other carriers be prepared to not get any service unless you are in Ithaca itself.

  • Caught a rainbow after the gorge hike by the beach in the main part of the park

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