Hannah W.
Reviewed Jul. 12, 2020

Amazing views and history!

This campground is a hike-in area unless you visit via dirt bikes, mountain bikes or horses. It is 4.4 miles to Loon Lake from the Chinook Campground.Chinook is the last place you can get water and use a pit toilet before going on the hike. Follow the Loon Lake Loop trail to get to the lake. It is likely you may be the only person camping there, but you will see people hiking in to visit the plane wreckage of a B-23 Dragon Bomber which crashed on the other side of the lake in 1943. The plane can be difficult to find as you have to bushwack to get to it. I did find a little trail that brought me out, but it is often hard to find. We hiked along the right side of the lake, then bushwacked to the left, forded a creek, and was able to find the plane. I have heard and red that you can find the plane by going around an unmaintained forest service trail on the left side of the lake as well. If you make it this far I encourage you to find the plane and read the informational signs no matter what. The story is incredible! While it is longer to hike back out on the rest of the loop, the trail is completely different than coming in and provides amazing views of the Secesh river. Don't expect any amenities when camping at Loon Lake. This spot is truly for those interested in packing in and packing out what they want to use in a remote setting.

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