Amanda S.
Reviewed Jul. 8, 2020

Horrible Customer Service

I would like to start off by saying this was our first time visiting the Medina Wildwood Koa and unfortunately it will have to be our last. Our camp ground it’s self was great. Lots of space, a picnic bench, a fire pit, a grill and even a lake you can fish/rent boats to go on right behind us!

There were many different ways to keep busy and have fun. We were able to float in tubes at the creek, go swimming, rent a peddle boat, play at the playground, rent a golf cart, and jump on a big jumping pillow. And I must say the bathrooms were pristine and air conditioned! Loved that!!

The major problem with this campground is the very rude people. Not only was the customer service absolutely horrible and spoke to not only adults but also children in a very rude harsh way making us ALL feel incompetent/uneducated but the regulars at this campground are just as rude and disrespectful. How can you ever feel welcome or want to come back to a campground with staff saying things like: “You must not know how to read” and clearing there throats very loudly with their arms crossed before telling us other things we may have been doing wrong very sarcastically.

I do admit that we did do some things the wrong way and as soon as we found out or saw on our own we corrected them. It’s just not something I would ever want to endure again especially since my kids feelings were hurt the most and this was ment for them to have fun.

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