Carla K.
Reviewed Jul. 3, 2020

Beautiful and great for rockhounds!

First, I will start with this... there are spiders. Like a lot of them. They set up all over everything overnight and it takes about two hours to get them off of everything the next morning. If you hate spiders do not come here because it is kind of nightmarish. We only stayed two nights because after the third morning I couldn’t deal with the spiders anymore.

The reservoir is gorgeous and clear. It looks so sapphire blue during the day. The weather was perfect. Hot during the day so the cold water felt amazing and cool enough at night to have amazing beach fires. Wind can be brutal. No shade so make sure you have a canopy. So many sites all over the area you just need to drive around to find one away from sooo many people. Public restrooms too but moths live in them which is just about as nightmarish as the spiders.

Good for a couple of days.

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