Reviewed Jun. 27, 2020

Lakeside Dispersed Camping

We have camped here several times in our trailer over the past few months. Lakeside dispersed camping is competitive, so get there early on a Friday if you plan to be there over a weekend. There are also designated campsites with tables, but they are quite a bit farther from the lake. Lakeside spots at the Upper Reservoir near the big rocks usually go first. The lower reservoir is quieter and lakeside spots are easier to obtain. The scenery at the lower reservoir is not as nice, though we’ve had better luck fishing at the lower reservoir. The lake does get pretty busy with a fair amount of ATV activity and kayakers, which we don’t mind, but it may be an important point for others. No shade trees. No cell service. Check the weather before you go - it can get very windy. A nice getaway in Southern Utah if you are self-contained as you can camp right on the lake.

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