Sarah N.
Reviewed May. 22, 2020

Serene Back Country

This back country site must be reserved in advance. There are 4 designated tent sites, one pit latrine with no toilet paper (you need to pack your own) and a communal cooking site. Everything is very clean here and well maintained. Please use back country smarts, clean cooking and clean camping to protect all wildlife, and yourself. No open fires. On arrival to the lake, we were the first and could not choose a bad site of the 4, all beautiful in trees near the lake. As we approached, we saw a cow moose swimming across the lake! What luck! Then, inside of 10 minutes, a bull moose starting swimming the other direction, and ANOTHER bull moose swam AT THE SAME TIME! It was a sight to behold. Later in the day, we too, took a chilly dip in the lake. One moose walked through camp in the middle of the night, we laid quiet as to not scare it. Fun evening hike up to snowfields to the south. Early morning spotting of mountain goats up high, doing their thing. Early August, bugs not bad. This was the first night of a back country trip for us, we left Two Medicine via boat ride and hiked in with our two children.

  • Swimming bull moose
  • Large lake in distance is Two Medicine. Smaller lake is Upper Two Medicine.

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