Jessica F.
Reviewed Apr. 23, 2020


I cannot believe the way the two managers talk to customers!  I was ignored for a day and after calling four time finally answered; I described the rudeness I was experiencing and she hung up on me!  Called back, asking how can a manager hang up on a customer?! She hung up again! No yelling or swearing, I just want to be heard about the attendees being rude!  Then, asked for the general Manager, even rider!  He hung up on me too and then threatened he was going to hang up on me again if I kept talking!!  Who talks to their customers like this?!  He told me I was a “mouth just talking” instead of listening to what I was saying.  Again, after being a professional career person for 20+ years, I was not used to being talke to like this.  STAY AWAY!! Rudeness alert!!!  Not too mention, the manager rides around drinking beer out of a blatant beer bottle before noon.  Unprofessional and rude!

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