Danielle S.
Reviewed Oct. 4, 2019

Lone Fir Campground

 This campground is located directly off Highway 20. As in, close enough that you will hear road noise anytime a car goes by. But aside from that one downside, this campground is pretty great. Lone Fir campground does not take reservations, and as a last minute adventurer, I really appreciate that. There were a few sites open when we came on a Thursday and we chose the last site on the loop. But by Friday night, it was full. I was very pleased with the size of each site. There was a place dedicated to parking our car, a space for fires/ picnic table and a separate space down a little hill, surrounded by trees, for our tent and our hammock. For an off the highway site, we also had a fair amount of distance between sites. Our site had the water spigot for a few sites, so we had visitors on the edge of our site. The campground has toilets and dumpsters, but no showers. There is an interpretive trail right off the campground, and while advertised as wheelchair accessible, the trail had been washed out, bridges were down and many logs were on the trail. It was still very pretty. We were able to gather lots of firewood in the surrounding woods, so had a nice fire. This campground is close(driving) to Mazama, and several beautiful hikes– Blue Lake, Maple Pass, Cutthroat Pass, and Cutthroat Lake– and more. We also got beautiful sunsets. All in all, a good campground. I would definitely stay there again.

  • Our tent spot.  See how it is set below the rest of the campground, surrounded by trees.
  • There was lots of room, which I tried to capture.
  • We had a fire on one of the nights.  I love how far away it is from the tent, I wasn't worried about sparks at all.
  • The sit comes with the parking spot.  I can't emphasize enough how roomy it felt.
  • The paved loop of the campground.  Also how I got to the bathrooms
  • The bathrooms were pretty nice, stocked regularly with TP.
  • The campground had some of these informative signs.
  • The Loop Trail, which we were excited to explore.
  • It was actually a pretty nice looking loop trail.
  • The loop trail ends before it really begins - the bridge was out.  I'm actually standing behind the sign saying as much.

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