Reviewed Jul. 16, 2019

Fontana Village is sub-motel quality, run by bad management...

Furthest thing from a resort! This place is plagued with problems that get worse every year. For about 8 years now we have been coming here only due to the location. The location is the absolute only reason our group continues to deal with the massive amount of problems year after year. To start, reservations are always a nightmare. We book sometimes a year out and still have issues with members of our group showing up to check in and finding out they don't have a cabin or room. Have been told multiple times they have no cabins, or they are out of certain ones and a week later had other group members book those cabins. Nobody doing reservations seems to ever have a clue what they are doing and there is always issues. Even times when we make the reservation and actually lock in a cabin number"usually to stay with our group" we have been moved around sometimes to the other side of the park completely cut off from the rest of our group. The cabins themselves are completely outdated, minimally maintained and basically falling apart. I wouldn't really call them cabins, more like an old 1970's single wide. They are all extremely dim lit, which is probably done to ensure you don't notice all of the issues. I don't think any of them have more than a 40 watt bulb installed and you're lucky if any one room has more than a single light source. Don't use the ceiling fans as they will probably fall off if you turn them on high. The rooms are dirty and moldy. Cleaning crews do the minimum, sweep/vacuum and wipe counters. That's about all. Bathrooms are usually moldy from lack of upkeep and usually the exhaust fans don't work. The AC on these units can barely get the rooms down to about 77 degrees in the summer days, if they work at all. Kitchenettes in them usually consist of a somewhat functionally falling apart oven, A dishwasher that sounds like dump truck,$5 coffee machine and toaster, dirty microwave"if functional" and a refrigerator with all of the racks in the door being broken and a freezer with a broken ice maker. They also include the absolute bare minimum Dollar Store bought plates, cups, pots/pans, etc. Wooden porches and decks are usually rotting away and falling apart so don't stand out on them for too long. At least the bathroom towels were clean.... As for this"Resorts" amenities... Let's go down some of the list. Free Internet- Free is the only accurate word. You're free to find it. You lucky if it works. Whomever set this thing up should be shot for incompetence. 90% of the grounds are not covered and the 10% that is is so slow and connection is so flakey.. best to not even bother trying to use it. Pool- The lounge pool is somewhat small and falling apart. Floor is cracked all up, lounge chairs poolside are all junk. The main pool/lazy river- main pool is more for kids and the lazy river is somewhat nice. They have not had pool floats for the river in many years so bring your own. Again the lounge chairs and all junk and falling apart. This year for our trip the pool and lazy river was completely closed. Citing a pipe had broken and only posting a sign on the pool gate that it would be open in two days, then stating is would be closed for a couple weeks. No notice was sent out to guests until a couple days later. Their idea of a solution was to have staff pass out flyers on a golf cart to guests with directions to the beachfront 43 miles away.... Managements excuse was that things like this happen. This again was negligence in regards to maintenance for the pool. Even though they denied any maintenance issues on their part, pipes encased in concrete do not randomly break unless you fail to properly maintain the overall system. As they already have a history of not maintaining anything and just waiting for things to break, this just adds to it. The restaurant food is not worth what you'll pay for it. Especially the breakfast bar which mostly tastes like instant eggs and cardboard. Wait staff at breakfast is usually pretty rude. The general store falls in line with the rest. Outdated, falling apart and dim lit. I worry how many items they have that are years past their expiration dates. I'm sure the ice and beer are the only things that rotate enough to not have to question. An idea on how well this place is run, a guest in lodge had their room fire alarm randomly go off. Front desk was called and supposedly maintenance was sent to fix it as it would not shut off. 6 hours later is was still going off and nobody had shown up. Fontana Village is sub-motel quality, run by bad management with questionable experience running a resort, that is completely un-maintained/un-funded, surviving strictly off of its location.

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