Erin S.
Reviewed Jun. 8, 2019

Military campground near the beach

This campground was okay. The main draw is the beach, which is just across the road from the facility (about a five minute walk from the campground). The sites are back-in only and arranged on either side of a road that ends in a cul-de-sac that is too small to turn around in. The sites themselves are extremely long, but for some reason the hook-ups are all near the front of the site, so you can't take advantage of the length. They were in the process of repaving the sites during the stay, so there were some that were pristine and others with bits of rebar sticking out of them. They are pretty close together as well, with no shade. The check-in office is further down towards the river with no real place to turn-around, so I recommend calling ahead to know your site, unhook, then drive to check-in. There isn't a playground, but there is an aquarium down at Fort Fisher State Rec Area. Kure Beach and Carolina Beach had a few nice resturants. Oh, stop by for donuts at Britts (expect the line to be 30 minutes long, but if you go to the counter you may find a seat to eat-in). But yes, they are really good. The campground is about a 30 minute drive to Wilmington. I would visit here again because the price is decent, but I wouldn't go out of the way.

  • Our site. We had a decent amount of space being an end unit. See how long the sites are? That was as far back as we could go because of the hook-ups being so close to the front. No shade, but decent field space out back to run around.
  • Britts donut. No chocolate, no nuts, just a light glaze. And they frequently have trouble making enough for the demand.
  • This is the demand. A 30 minute line first thing in the morning.
  • Walking the trails at Ft Fisher Rec Area.
  • Local disc golf at Kure Beach.
  • Carolina Beach boardwalk.
  • Carolina Beach boardwalk
  • Time your visit to this area to not coincide with the hurricane season. These are flood levels.
  • My daughter explaining the difference between the reptiles at the NC aquarium.
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