Jeanene A.
Reviewed May. 29, 2019

Ranger Review Stream 2 Sea at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park

Spring can be different every year in Florida - always come prepared for bugs. This year it was the gnats if you were near the water - pretty bad. Up in the bank where our site was they were not so bad. Because these sites are way back in the woods primitive - previous campers did not practice LNT toilet behaviors - but we let mgmt know and I believe they were going to address. If you stay here during one of their famous music event this place can get insanely busy. Even the back trails in this are are heavily driven by golf carts (and many times drivers under the influence) Keep kids close while walking the dirt roads/trails. Mid week is best time to camp here to avoid crowds of party goers.

 Product Review

On this kayak camping trip I had the opportunity to test out the Stream2Sea Sunscreen, Shampoo, Conditioner and the bonus is they are all eco friendly! I received the Conscious camper Kit the day before I headed out on the river and for 2 days in the FULL sun I did not get a burn. The sport sunscreen is very thick and takes a bit to rub in till absorbed but I can verify it works great! The shampoo, conditioner & Body Wash were fabulous and left my hair feeling silky smooth. Packing sizes were prefect for my dry bag. They included a very informative card about the products and why they are eco-conscious and coral safe! REMEMBER – a little bit goes a long way with this product! Pick up your  Conscious Camper Kit  before your next day out this summer at

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  • Drive around and pick a primitive site
  • Lots of nice shade around
  • Water was very low on Suwannee this trip
  • Suwannee River
  • Stream2Sea review - filmed right after I got out of boat- before shower - not my best "look"

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