Kelli T.
Reviewed May. 27, 2019

Disappointing stay

Our campsite was a perfect mix of trees, shade, and space. But other than the actual campsite, there isn’t anything else I would praise about this campground. We stayed for the holiday weekend and all three nights had to listen to extremely loud and vulgar music being played. On Saturday night, the campers next to us called and complained, nothing happened. The music was blasting until 5am. On Sunday night, we called twice after quiet time began and nothing changed. On the third time, after being told they couldn’t hear anything, we put the assistance manager on speaker so she could hear the blaring music from the 2 different campsites and she informed us that they would send a car down to tell them it is quiet time and the car would stay there for a while to make sure. We could hear a worker arrive and tell the campers “nice music! But we got a complaint so you will need to turn it down but you don’t have to turn it off” and the worker left. Of course the music was turned all the way up moments later. We made our 4th phone call and were met with more attitude from staff.

Other complaints: terrible bathrooms, doesn’t have a good/clean swimming option. Also, as a family that has a blend of different races and ethnicities, we felt out of place much of the time. Many people were kind and nice, but there was definitely the feeling of “we don’t belong” while camping here, which we have never experienced at any other campground. Not even the ones just 10 or so minutes down the road.

I would highly recommend looking elsewhere to camp.

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