Kelly M.
Reviewed Sep. 29, 2018

New age desert resort (with tent camping)

Punchline: super hip launchpad to check out the rest of the Marfa art scene. Okay- first off El Cosmico is by no means a natural setting- so if you're looking for that kind of camping, look elsewhere. This place clearly works hard to cultivate a new age artsy desert vibe. It offers a variety of accommodations- of which I've only tried out the tent camping and a teepee on one 14 degree night (they had electric blankets, I caved). In addition, they have some nicely restored trailers. It is super close to the middle of town and is a Marfa art destination in its own right. The communal bathrooms and kitchen area were impeccable, but they're outside so obviously get quite chilly in the winter. Gnarly icicles coming out of the faucets when I was there. It would be an awesome kitchen setup in slightly warmer conditions. I despise the term 'glamping'... this ended up being a relatively affordable way to check out Marfa ;)

  • nice infrastructure (camp bathroom) but not super functional on a very cold day
  • open air communcal kitchen area
  • communal chill zone

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