Shay F.
Reviewed Sep. 28, 2018

Beach Camping Is Mostly Rad

I love beach camping. Bring your TP and follow LNT principles. Also, bring your bear cans. Just like every other beach around here, if you don't store your smelly goods in the can the ranger will make you trek it to your car. It's a mile from the parking area to the beach. Hauling a cooler over a mile is not a fun way to spend your time.

I felt a little sketchy about leaving the car up by the road, but nothing was left in it and it turned out fine.

Our weekend was wet and windy. Sand pelting you in the face windy. We brought a tarp so we were able to make a drift wood covered shelter to hang out in. Beats the tiny tent for hours of sitting.

The next morning was nice. Still cloudy, but no wind. Surfers came out to play. Fun view of Rialto Beach and Hole in the Wall. Lots to explore.

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