Reviewed Aug. 30, 2018

A little close for comfort

The sites are clean with picnic table, bear safe and toilet near by. The campgrounds are first come first serve so you need to arrive early and hope someone is checking out. There are toilets and pads but it was more set up for RV's except without hook-ups, but you could get cell reception and there was a camp restaurant/ store at the bottom of the falls. The person who was there to oversee the campgrounds was a lot intense warning that even if the bears smelled water in a water bottle they would come in an could attack... what about the fact that there was a FALLS right there?... I don't know

  • My very compact campsite
  • Yellowstone is of course a wonder to behold
  • and signs of bear activity to encourage even the stongest heart to buy the bear spray
  • Most of the wild life keep there distance
  • the elk are beautiful and the bison few and far between
  • the flora is beautiful though I'm not familuar with these lovely alpine species

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