Reviewed Aug. 9, 2018

Kelly Lake Cabin was the perfect getaway

I can't say enough about my stay at Kelly Lake Cabin of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Cabin. It was late Feb./ early March, and we were tired from our previous two days of camping and hiking, so when we arrived at the lake, we decided to drive the short distance on the lake instead of hiking out to the cabin with all our stuff. We parked on the lake in front of the cabin and were pleasantly surprised to see someone had left an igloo! The cabin was neat, the newest we'd ever stayed in, and had a wonderful view of the trees and lake. Even the outhouse had great views! The woodstove in the cabin was extremely effective at warming the space (we woke up sweating!), and the fact that the cabin came with an outdoor fire ring and boat made us want to come back with friends in the summer even more! Absolutely loved the space and our time there.

  • View from the front porch
  • Glamorous outhouse
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