Deanna C.
Reviewed Jul. 9, 2018

Bare Necessities

Camp Run-A-Muck is located in the ghost town of Hyder, Alaska. It is in the rainforest so surroundings are mountains and lush green trees and plants. The main attraction in Hyder is the bear viewing platform where brown bears and black bears (among other wildlife) gather for the salmon run in late summer/early fall. Black bears are commonly seen in and around town including the campground. Most brown bears stay further away near the bear viewing area a few miles up the road. This campground does have a laundry, toilets (2), and showers (2). It is truly the bare necessities here but everything you need if you come prepared to stay a few nights in this ghost town.

  • Office building
  • black bears commonly seen in town
  • brown bears fishing the creek
  • bear catching a salmon
  • dinner
  • black bear jumping in for a fish
  • the blue lagoon at the viewing platform
  • eagle picking up scraps
  • eagles waiting on the fish
  • view of the mountains from the viewing platform
  • Portland Canal in Hyder
  • Salmon Glacier about 17 miles beyond Hyder
  • Stewart, BC has everything Hyder doesn't as far as supplies go

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