Reviewed Jun. 16, 2018

unlevel pads for rv's and pool was gross

The rv gravel pads were extremely un-level, even after waiting 2 hours, watching them add 7 tractor buckets of gravel the pad was still un-level and they finally let us move our spot. When we booked our trip we were told there was a water fee, which wasn't charged until after Memorial Day because the pool, splash pad, and slide were not operational. We arrived the Wednesday after Memorial day and was told the pool was good and the slide would be up and running in a day or two, the slide was not even on premises! When it arrived, the workers said it normally takes at least a week or two to install. We swam in the pool one day, but the filer was not working, so the water was disgusting, I couldn't even see my feet, and the bottom of the pool was covered in sand. We were there for 5 days, and were informed the "water fee" isn't a water fee, it's a park fee, $6 per person per day for nothing! Therefore we spent $150 on nothing. Also, we didn't remove our sway bars from our truck because it was raining and the first night they were stolen off our truck. I would not go back to this park.


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