Staci R.
Reviewed Sep. 18, 2017

5 "Star" mountain park

Have loved this park since first visit over 25 years ago and today it is super improved, family friendly and just beautiful. Public golf course next door, horsemanship activities abound, huge amphitheater for outdoor evening activities, and the absolute best "super playground" I have EVER seen.

  • Campsites by the horse arena must be reserved
  • Covered campsite
  • Hmmmm. What does the question mark mean? There'sa mystery ahead?
  • Campsite by arena
  • Super playground. Almost all under cover and each slide/climber or activity is shaped like a desert animal
  • Trails are everywhere and trail heads are well marked
  • Water way, with all colors of desert green and life abounds
  • No hammock camping, trees cannot support hammocks
  • Info sign at entry gate
  • Park map
  • Out houses by trail heads
  • Probably an original parkcampsite. Just off the original road with easy access, and the desert's version of shade
  • Mountain views throughout park
  • Never found the pay phone... I think this is a relic from original park
  • Majestic entry
  • Nature center
  • Petroglyphs?? Oh wait, remnants of original park!! Rockers must have been here in the past.

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