Reviewed Jun. 16, 2016

Quiet and untouched by tourism

Had an amazing time hiking into the crater! When we got to the camp sites we were the only people camping. The camp sites offer tons of privacy and it really feels like your group is the only people in the crater. The views are magnificent and the temperatures are perfect for a good night of snuggles under the stars. Another plus is you don't need to worry about very many poisonous or dangerous animals just some friendly nene (people must feed them despite the signs saying not to). There is also a water source and an outhouse neer the campsites. The water does need to be filtered though. Best part about it is if you are exploring Maui you are guaranteed to escape the huge crowds of tourists ruining the peaceful views with selfie sticks and kids screaming .

  • Make sure you have a good tent with a good wind/rain fly

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