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Reviewed Sep. 23, 2021

Good Intro to Camping

I booked a tent site as my first introduction to the park. Setting up a reservation was incredibly user friendly, park staff was fantastic at getting us checked in, and the camp store was well stocked and priced. 

Our site, however, left something to be desired. The sites were all very close together, and the tent pad areas were fairly small. You can drive right up to your site and park there, which is incredibly convenient in terms of unpacking and set up. Around our site was pretty loud with neighbors at all hours, regardless of quiet hours, and balls being kicked into our tent pad area from surrounding visitors. There were some bottle caps and garbage on our tent pad upon arrival.

I think if you had kids and were looking for a "not so quiet" get away into nature, this would be a fantastic spot. There were larger and more private sites on our loop, and if I returned I would prioritize getting one of those. There are also more loops than the one we were on. 

The firepit had an adjustable height grill grate, and there was a picnic table at each site. Firewood ran $5 a bundle at the camp store.  Ice and potable water was also available. 

There was a nearby dumpster that was easy to use. Disappointed that there did not seem to be a recycling receptacle. Bathrooms were nice, the handicapped shower was very spacious. No shortage of hot water. 

We hiked all available trails from the trail map, though it seems there were more than listed, and a portion of the park is closed following previous tornado damage. We saw an abundance of herps, gorged ourselves on pawpaws, and generally foraged and tracked a ton of interesting wildlife. The trails themselves were pretty, but the rankings somewhat misleading. The "hard" trails would be hard in comparison to a flat gravel path, but in terms of general hiking, were comfortable with only a couple mildly steep or narrow points. I am unsure if the ranking system is for general hiking or in terms of ADA accessibility, however. If accessibility, it makes a lot of sense. For hiking? Less so; I'd rank the trails as a normal difficulty for their 'hard' trails. 

The beaches were lovely! We did not get the opportunity to kayak, swim, or fish, but are hoping to do that sometime in the future. Was still relaxing to sit out with a book and watch the water.

I do feel like we explored most of what the park had to offer, so while I would be happy to return it feels less urgent to do so. I think I would be better equipped to pick a site (or explore a cabin!) the next time which would resolve my minimal issues. Given the relaxed atmosphere of the trails, close amenities, etc. I think this would be a good choice to bring friends who are new to the camping scene, or for families.

  • Overall campsite, pardon the mess!
  • Firepit with grate
  • Bathroom facilities from our tent site
  • Turkey Point Light House
  • North East Beach
  • North East Beach
  • North East Beach
  • North East Beach
  • Turkey Point views
  • Turkey Point views
  • Chicken of the woods at [redacted]
  • Turkey Point trails
  • Turkey Point Monarch
SiteMiles Loop 159

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