Melissa W.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Sep. 17, 2021

Good location, ok campground

Negatives: This campground is pretty hilly. Many of the spots don't have a great space for a tent. The flattest spots are in the middle of the circle with an open field behind them (but then you won't have any privacy or tree coverage). Even the RV camping on the inside of the loop across from us had its front tires suspended about a foot in the air to make it level though. Considering the flat spots are very limited, I don't think its a great tent campground and geared more towards RVs. One side of the campground runs against a golf course. If you're tent camping over a weekend, be prepared to have golfers tee-ing off next to you beginning at 7am. On Monday morning, be prepared for them to start mowing at 7am. The opposite side of the campground sits against a tree-line and therefore has much better spots. Many of the picnic tables are in pretty rough shape. The ones that have been replaced were done with the metal style that is dipped in plastic and are much sturdier. Likewise, some of the firepits are in pretty bad shape. I'd recommend having a grill grate with you just in case if you cook over the fire like we do. The firewood that is sold at the campground is kept in a shed but it was very wet, there also aren't any options around for buying wood outside the park. The office is supposed to be open until 6pm but one night it was closed earlier and the camp host wasn't on premises all weekend so we were stuck resorting to finding and burning downfall to get dinner cooked. 

The positives: Its a good location and there are plenty of kayaking spots on Grayson Lake. Going to "The Grotto" aka Clifty Falls is a must (4.5 mile round trip). The same boat ramp has a decent place to get in and swim. Lick Falls Loop hike can be done from the campground and was nice (4.5 miles). We also kayaked the Southern portion of Grayson Lake in Laurel Gorge and that was much quieter than the Clifty Falls area. The campground bathrooms were clean. Most of the campsites were a decent size.

  • site 65 on the left side and site 63 on the right. golf course is behind trees
  • womens shower.
  • womens bathroom
  • womens bathroom
  • site 65 then 67 behind it
  • site 63
  • site 69 in the middle and 71 behind it. camp office is in the background and the campground entrance
  • site 70
  • site 71 and camp office
  • site 1 on the right followed by 3 on the right, site 2 on the left
  • site 1 on the right and camp office, site 3 on the left
  • site 2 on the left, 4 on the right
  • site 6 on the right and 7 on the left, bathhouse in background
  • site 8 on the left, 9 is on the right
  • site 10 is on the right, 11 is on the left. bath house in background
  • site 50 (pull through) behind the stop sign across the street. site 57 on the left. site 49 is on the far right.
  • site 58 on the left
  • site 60 on the left
  • site 59 to the right and 61 to the left
  • site 63 in front, then 65, next 67. golf course is behind the trees

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