Reviewed Sep. 12, 2021

Zero would be better!

So my daughter and I love camping and converted our minivan to a camping van just so we can hop in and go at a whim!  Let me start by saying, the 3 times we stayed, there were LOUD parties each and every time!  There are no rules, apparently, and the locals know it is their backyard party place.  Even if you are lucky enough to have the rangers number they simply tell you that the loud music and conversation and multiple cars coming and going with unregistered guests are "within  their rights".  You as a peaceful, nature loving, getting away from it all, communing with the Earth camper have no right to an enjoyable stay!  It is sad that this is where we are at as a society.  NO KOA or camp ground that respects itself as a business would tolerate loud obnoxious behavior that infringes on everyone's experience. We now stay away from Metro Park sites and research state run sites as well since there is no one at the site to guide/guard those who only wish to party!

As for the site: 

There are NO amenities.  Port-a-potties are filled with bugs and smell horrible!!  NO water.  Cars drive thru very fast as there is no posted speed, no one present to  enforce it anyway, and multiple parties with guests coming and going at all hours. Very small as a campsite.  For a few bucks more you can upgrade and stay elsewhere and get so much more for your money!  There is a small play ground for kids but right at a corner where cars drive thru.  The play ground is probably only good for ages 4-8 as there isn't much for older kids and not safe for toddlers.

The area is beautiful so it is a shame that it is not run better and upgraded.  

It really is a party place for the locals…..too bad!!

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