Megan M.
Reviewed Sep. 8, 2021

Nice, lively

This campground has nice facilities- a nice hot shower (four stalls only for the entire campground) a total of 6 flush toilets, a snack bar and a picnic pavilion with electrical outlets if you need to charge your phone. We were on a riverside campsite but unfortunately none of the brush had been cleared so we could not see the river. Imagine how much more fun it would be to actually be able to see the river and watch all the people floating by! It wouldn't be that hard to cut down some brush to create a view. 

The noise was not the greatest. They assured us that there was a night person who monitored noise and partying, and there were signs everywhere saying that quiet hours started at 10, but a group of loud, drunk men right on the river were allowed to yell and make a ruckus until at least 2am, probably later, because I stopped looking at my clock after that. This was really irritating that they would be allowed to party so late and make so much noise that you could hear them all through the property. There were also kids in the water right in front of our site from sunup until way past dusk, screaming their heads off constantly, so if you are camping for peace and quiet, this is not the place for you. It was barely the place for me, but I wanted to be on the river for a weekend so I just tried to ignore all the noise. 

Our site was quite muddy but I guess that's to be expected when you are next to the river. 

I'd called a few times to make sure they would transport our kayaks and they said "yes, sure" as if that was no big deal, so I was a bit shocked to discover upon arrival that the cost of transporting a personal kayak was the exact same cost as renting one of theirs. This is pretty expensive, and why would we bother with transporting our own if they charge the same to use theirs? If I had known, we would have brought two cars, so I found that very irritating. It cost us $67 for two people to spend 3 hours on the river. Pricey, in my opinion. 

All in all, I would return, but be more prepared with two cars and heavy-duty earplugs to block out the loud parties.

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