Reviewed Sep. 5, 2021

Crappy place

I have family that has had their camper here for 2 seasons. The road to their camper is horrid to drive down. There’s no where for extra cars to park. The pool, and I use that term loosely, isn’t even done. It’s so small for the size of the campground. Today, we were at the beach with many other people. There was 1 lifeguard who thought it was more important to chat with the girls, turning his eyes away from the swimmers, he’d chase them, throwing sand at them, he completely LEFT his lifeguard station several times to go to the life jacket barn and again, talk to others rather than watch the water. After the third time he left, I walked over and asked him if he was the only lifeguard on duty, he said he was. I asked him to call the manager over and was told he was on the other side of the campground if I wanted to speak to him. I happen to know the manager personally, which I relayed to him. This is NOT the first time we’ve seen the lifeguards not watching the swimmers. I stopped at the office on my way out and asked them to call the manager, only to be told he was off. My grandchildren swim there, but after this season, they won’t be camping there, thank God.

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