Bob J.
Reviewed Sep. 1, 2021

Comes as advertised! Really nice spot!

The spot I stayed is right on the marker.  There are multiple spots along the main forest road. Some you can drive your car in and tuck it back. Other spots you cant take your car at all.   There are tons of logging roads that split off the main forest road. They mostly have gates that say "Logging road, no public motor vehicles allowed" but they also say "Foot travel is welcome" I went down a few of these roads and almost always found a few spots that would be great places to set up camp if you are willing to walk a little bit from your car. There is a really cool place called Hector Falls. The trailhead is about a mile down the road from this spot. It's about 3/4 a mile hike into the woods. The falls are really cool to look at, and has some cool rock formations. Be careful the cliffs are about a 20 ft straight drop. Other than that this spot is not a bad spot at all. Fire wood can be found all around.

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