KThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 29, 2021

Trains, trains, trains. And a river

Boy oh boy. Where to begin. Trains. Literally every half hour a train goes right behind the campground, waking everybody up. If you're in a tent, that's not so great. Also theres a one way tunnel to get to the campground, and all these cars seem to thinks its really necessary to honk at least five times (just to be sure) before passing through. Even at 2am. Or 3am. Or worse, 4am. I will say, the river is great fun. Easy access, swimmable. Probably fishable. However, beware. The moment you get too far from the shore, a thunderstorm will start. Guaranteed. We almost died out there. Me and my tube had to paddle so hard when the wind changed the direction of the tide, pushing me further away from shore. Glad to be alive. Overall, good campground.

Edit 1: dont forget the trains tho. Bring those bose noise cancelling headphones. Bose only.


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